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interdisciplinary collaboration


A bunch of bees on honeycomb.

Cultivating a Collective Intelligence Mindset

In today’s modern age of innovation, cooperation and collaboration are key approaches to take in solving complex problems. Cross-collaboration and i...
Street signs, one saying Impossible and the other saying Possible.

The Road to FEI24: Implementing An AI-Driven Innovation Discovery Process

FEI 2024 will host the session, “Implementing An AI-Driven Innovation Discovery Process,” presented by Miranda Helmer, VP, Innovation Discovery, T...
A smiling little robot

The Road to FEI24: Brunch with the Bots

Samantha Johnson, Founder & CEO at Tatum Robotics, will take part in FEI 2024 in several ways, including participating in the keynote sessions, “Bru...

Inviting Interdisciplinary Innovation Collaboration

Like many scientific, research and business fields, innovation often calls for more interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation. This can help bre...