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Innovation Strategy

One of the featured categories on All Things Innovation, Innovation Strategy features a range of helpful information for innovation leadership professionals. This includes innovation strategy, ambidexterity, managing innovation talent, talent composition, disruptive innovation, innovation ideation, innovation frameworks, innovation culture, and more. This area further looks at design and human-centric innovation, breakthrough innovation, agile innovation, transformational innovation, and more foundational knowledge for the innovation expert and novice alike.

Innovation strategy is a carefully planned and organized approach that an organization or business develops to systematically foster, manage, and leverage innovation leadership in order to achieve specific objectives and gain a competitive advantage. It is a high-level framework that outlines how the organization will generate and implement new ideas, products, services, processes, or business models. An effective innovation strategy and framework aligns innovation activities with the overall business strategy and goals.

Key components of an innovation strategy and leadership typically include clear objectives, resource allocation, innovation culture, idea generation, idea evaluation, research and development, prototyping and testing, cross-functional collaboration, market analysis, intellectual property protection, metrics and evaluation, risk management and adaptability. An innovation strategy is a dynamic document that guides the organization’s innovation efforts over time. It helps ensure that innovation is not a random, ad-hoc process but rather a systematic and purposeful one, with a focus on achieving tangible results and maintaining competitiveness in the market.


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