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Innovation Technology

One of the featured categories on All Things Innovation, Innovation Technology features emerging and disruptive business technology and a range of helpful information for the innovation professional. This category for technological innovation in business includes technology, artificial intelligence, data & analytics, measurement, and more foundational knowledge for the innovation expert and novice alike.

Innovation technology can refer to the application of technological advancements or digital tools in the process of innovation within a business or organization. In this context, technological innovation in business encompasses various technologies and tools that support and facilitate innovation activities, such as idea generation, product development, and the overall management of the innovation process.

Key elements of innovation technology may include idea management platforms, collaboration and communication tools, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), prototyping and simulation tools, digital product development and design, open innovation platforms, project management and workflow automation, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things, cloud computing, blockchain, digital marketing and customer analytics. The use of technology innovation in business can significantly enhance an organization’s ability to innovate by streamlining processes, enabling cross-functional collaboration, and providing valuable insights. It plays a vital role in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, where technology and innovation are often combined.


A flying drone.

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The Road to FEI24: Implementing An AI-Driven Innovation Discovery Process

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The Road to FEI24: Test & Learn for Data-Driven Decision-Making

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The Road to FEI24: GenAI: Lessons Learned From Early Adopters

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