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Innovation Spend & Trends Report

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The FEI and All Things Innovation community completed an extensive survey covering what folks are thinking, how they’re spending and the issues they face. Per the results, this is a senior-level, experienced, cross-industry group. The biggest strengths are helping the business do more with less and having an “impactful influence on the business.” The biggest opportunities are “creating new/next gen products” and “guiding enterprise strategy.” That said, the top challenges, weaknesses and threats are around “balancing short-term innovation with long-term thinking.” “Business resistance to change,” is a major issue. When it comes to collaboration, lack of time, money, and goals not being aligned are the top issues cited. These strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats are historically consistent for the innovation function.

Thank you to our contributors who provide expert commentary and answer some of those questions within this report:

  • Mike Hatrick, Group Director IP Strategy & Portfolio at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, Volvo
  • Navin Kunde, Associate Director, Head of Open Innovation – The Experience Collaborative, Clorox;
  • Zeinab Ali, Vice President R&D Transformation at Campbell
  • Gail Martino, Senior Program Leader, Unilever
  • Daniel Krauss, Director, Portfolio Lead, EY


  • Seth Adler

    Seth Adler heads up All Things Insights & All Things Innovation. He has spent his career bringing people together around content. He has a dynamic background producing events, podcasts, video, and the written word.


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