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TMRE Continued

December 5, 2023 - December 7, 2023

Focusing On Key Lessons Learned Through A 2024 Lens

Join us as we bring together the community to distill lessons learned from TMRE in Denver as well as the entirety of 2023. This is the last opportunity to meet as a group this year which provides the perfect runway to ramp up for 2024 and set an action plan for Q1. As always, we’ll deep dive into three subject areas and capture key takeaways:

December 5: AI for Insights & Analytics Summit Continued

  • We distill lessons learned from the AI for Insights & Analytics Summitat TMRE to further demystify and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and generative technologies for Insights and Analytics professionals. Gain a deeper understanding in using AI for Insights & Analytics and come away with an action plan for 2024.

11:00 AM “Machine Learning: Optimizing Ad Campaigns”

  • Join us for a Fireside Chat introduction to machine learning and its business applications.  We’ll cover specific examples of selecting a new ad campaign. We’ll realize that ML can help by analyzing past campaign performance (e.g., attribution, marketing mix modeling), predicting future campaign success, targeting, and personalizing ad content. And we’ll discover the organizational benefits of the role that machine learning plays in maximizing ad campaign effectiveness.

    • Michael Bagalman, VP, Business Intelligence & Data Science, Starz

12:30 PM Insights + AI: Operationalizing A Hybrid Approach

  • The future is now regarding identifying the strengths and limitations of AI in consumer insights and understanding its role as a complementary tool. While AI can automate data collection, analysis, and interpretation processes to uncover valuable insights at scale, that’s easier said than done. Myriad issues such as corporate firewalls, dynamic yet disparate, mostly unproven solutions that fit your organization must be found, tested and implemented by the right combination of teams. The insights function of course stands to benefit from predictive modeling, sentiment analysis, and clustering for in-depth consumer understanding. And so the key is identifying opportunities for hybrid approaches that combine AI techniques with traditional research methods. We discuss what can be done now based on current in-house resources and organizational hurdles apparent.
    • Christina Speck, Vice President, Insight & Research, Blue Shield Blue Cross

    • Chris Whitely, Senior Director, Product Management (Data Science), Comcast

December 6: Optimizing Talent & Increasing Influence

  • Talent for Insights teams and the influence of Insights teams are both moving targets. Insights teams now need to comprise unique talent procured from different places than traditional market research of old. That new talent can provide advanced tools that can help secure more influence for Insights teams within the organization. Arm yourself with what Insights leaders are doing to secure fresh talent as well as more influence.

11:00 AM Increasing Influence: About That Seat At The Table

  • Shifting insights from being seen as a function to a capability in order to drive long-term sustainable growth is getting to be table stakes. Following their TMRE session, two senior insights executives that have worked for 5 iconic brands (IBM, Coca-Cola, eBay, Microsoft and American Express) discuss how to build an insights culture that has influence and is an indispensable partner in driving consumer-centric thinking and guiding decisions. You’ll not only get lessons learned but these executives’ take on how the session resonated through Q&A and feedback from the event so you benefit from suggested actionable takeaways while benchmarking with your peers.
    • Thomas Walker, Vice President, Global Consumer Insights, eBay

    • Christopher Frank, Co-Faculty Director, Columbia University

12:30 PM Optimizing Talent: Evolving The In-House Team While Sourcing What’s Missing

  • An experienced group of well-groomed generalists? A dynamic team of specialists? A mix of both? What is the best team make-up for your organization as we make our way into 2024? There are myriad ways to answer the question…and that’s before we count the intelligence that we can now access artificially. Join this discussion to come up with a game plan of how to evolve your in-house team while sourcing what’s missing.
    • Shilpa Khanna, Assoc. Dir., Transformational Growth Insights, The Clorox Co.

    • Cory Lommel, Director Consumer Insights, Cargill

December 7: Blending Insights & Analytics

  • Many corporate leaders have brought together Insights & Analytics into new team structures to benefit the organization with data as well as context. While the shift is in full swing, other organizations have yet to reap the rewards of activating this dual mindset. We discuss key lessons learned from forward thinking and forward structured organizations.

11:00 AM Capturing Consumers Through Sentiment Analysis

  • Precontemplation is a great place to be if your consumer also has cognitive thoughts or memories about your brand. But if you’re stuck in the precontemplation state of your consumer without memory, additional steps must be taken. Actually identifying true consumer sentiment in the moment, and plotting the analytics of peak, pit and middle moments provides the opportunity to influence consumer adoption. So if gaining an understanding of peak-end memory bias and how it affects brand love is the goal, join this session.
    • Kajoli Tankha, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing Insights, Microsoft

    • Dan Evans, Senior Research Manager, Microsoft

12:30 PM Blending Analytics & Insights To Drive Business Outcomes

  • Understanding the mechanics of what is being shared
  • Utilizing analytics as pathways to tell a larger story
  • Orchestrating your story from data to insights
  • Realizing the strategic summaries that can come from key sources
  • Ensuring business stakeholder needs are truly reflected in the business outcomes Analytics & Insights produces
    • Doug Jensen, SVP Go-To-Market (GTM) Analytics & Activation and Learning Center COE, Estee Lauder Companies
    • Miles Drayton, Global Director, Planning & Integrated Insights, GM

    • Tom Gould, Director, Insights & Analytics, Constellation Brands

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