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Road to TMRE 2024

July 30 July 31

With consumers at the heart of market research, the rise of AI for insights is inevitably met with equal counterpressure to preserve a consumer-centric mindset.

As we embark on the Road to TMRE 2024 in Orlando this fall, join us for a free, two-day digital event with leaders from some of the world’s biggest companies as we explore successful uses of AI for market research while remaining human centered in your business strategies.


Championing consumer-centricity in the age of AI is a hallmark sign of a business that’s determined to create meaningful customer connections that drive bottom-line impact – and the insights function is uniquely positioned to be the driving force behind it. This summit will delve into being a consumer-centric champion, how to leverage the latest in skills and tools, such as AI, to do so, and ways to keep humanity at the core of this critical business strategy.


Uncover the future of consumer insights with AI: where data meets innovation to decode consumer behavior like never before. Join us as we unravel the latest trends and best practices, showcasing how AI is reshaping the way we understand consumer behavior and make informed business decisions.

Fast curve of the road.