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MADS Continued…an ATI Gathering

March 23, 2023

MADS Continued…an ATI Gathering

The reinvention of the relationship between enterprise data science and business stakeholders is upon us. The focus is now on what the data can do for the organization to outpace disruption, provide innovation and ultimately serve the current customer better while identifying the next products and customers for that organization. Change makers from forward thinking organizations are collaborating across the enterprise to ensure resilience through analytics and data science. Business leaders and data science strategy executives join forces at our next MADS Gathering to plot a new course for their respective companies.

Bringing Human Understanding Together With Artificial Intelligence

Deepak Jose, Global Head, One Demand Data & Analytics (ODDA), Mars

The ultimate goal is to deliver a relevant resonant experience for someone which achieves their goals while providing a profitable return for the good or service provider. To do that, organizations are applying machine learning to custom data sets which can output cogent applied artificial intelligence. The key to success though is the recasting of the customer as a human to develop a better relationship and hence intelligence of what might be desired next.

Analytics & Data Science & Trends Evolution

Michelle Ballen, Head of Analytics, Future

June Dershweitz, Board Member, Digital Analytics Association

Anu Sundaram, VP, Business Analytics, Rue Guilt Groupe

Sunny Zhu, ESG Data Analytics & Operations, Indeed

Kate Carruthers, Head of Business Intelligence, UNSW AI Institute

In 2022, All Things Insights introduced our Analytics and Data Science Spend & Trends Report to provide the opportunity for our community to benchmark with peers on trends around strategy, talent and spend. The goal is to focus on how the discipline continues to evolve through an understanding of mindset shifts, changes in tools and tactics as well as organizational opportunities and threats. We discuss that evolution in real-time.