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Interconnected Realities

 Author: Leslie Shannon  Category:  Purchase

Explore how the metaverse is changing our lives in this fast-paced, informative, and fresh take on where technology is leading us.

In Interconnected Realities, Leslie Shannon, Head of Trend and Innovation Scouting at Nokia, delivers an energizing and optimistic new take on the Metaverse. Starting with metaverse realms already in existence today, the book explores the purpose that each independent platform serves, as well as how all these disparate realms will ultimately be stitched together to permanently transform our personal and business lives. You’ll read about:

  • The different metaverses: social, wellness, service, enterprise, gaming, and web3
  • The future of augmented and virtual realities
  • How the metaverse is already woven into our daily lives
  • Exploring the purpose of the metaverse

A singularly insightful and informed exploration of a fascinating subject at the intersection of technology, business, and society, Interconnected Realities is an essential resource for executives, busienss leaders, tech enthusiasts, futurists, and anyone with an interest in the future of social interaction, business, or technology.