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Eureka to Wealth

 Author: Milan Ivosevic  Category:  Purchase

Eureka to Wealtha new product innovation framework that outlines the essential principles of entrepreneurial innovation and new product delivery, from a napkin sketch to a profitable product.
How does the front end of innovation determine a product’s commercial success and its profitability after launch? What are the key considerations and must-haves? What is the cadence of essential delivery steps and why? How to make it right the first time?

This book demystifies the process of new product innovation from an opportunity conception to product launch. It outlines an all-inclusive standpoint where expectations for transformational impact and technical complexity are both high. The emphasis is on the importance of a holistic, end-to-end perspective where the outcome success is defined by the interdependency of the entire innovation and product delivery continuum. The book provides visual representations of the fundamental concepts and principles associated with the new product innovation process. It features a visualized concept and brief description on each two-facing page view, with a total of 36 concepts presented. Each step in the framework is positioned so it generates critical inputs to the subsequent step. Each featured concept has a take-home summary and a quote or proverb carefully selected to complement the underlying message and encourage the reader to pose, think, and reflect. From napkin sketches to a profitable product, this book is my shared end-to-end journey with the reader through the land of new product innovation to commercial success—Eureka to Wealth.